Superior service for special customers LPN Group.

Company registration services for businesses of all types.

  • Incorporation, partnership, resources, etc., of persons.
  • Take note of the changes, such as input / output, the establishment, the   purpose of the business, add / remove fields, add / reduce cost of operation.
  • Take merger, dissolution and liquidation.
  • VAT / Tax business.
  • The taxpayer identification number.
  • Social security registration for employer, employee
  • Registered trademarks / copyrights / patents, etc..

Accounting services for companies.

  • To - pay for purchases and sales.
  • Originally recorded in the journal.
  • Posting to the ledger.
  • Closing Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

To discuss legal issues. And leasing transactions for foreigners.

  • To discuss issues such as law, business law, labor law, etc..
  • By a lawyer who has experience.
  • Check / draft legal agreements.
  • Litigation over.

Consulting services in the areas of office safety.

  • Security services. The security personnel have been trained well.
  • Installation services of security equipment. Access control systems - off premises.
  • Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems for 24 hours.